Resident Spotlight: Dr. Michael Gallagher

Inspired by a desire to help people and create long-lasting patient relationships Dr. Gallagher founded his practice, “Smiles by Gallagher” in Minnesota over 30 years ago.   After all these years Dr. Gallagher feels that his experience as a dentist has been more fulfilling than he could have ever imagined. But his experience as a BioRejuvenation dentist has been even more satisfying.

Dr. Gallagher has completed several continuing education programs but after completing his time at the Schuster Center he was strongly encouraged to attend The Stewart Center (formally known as the Texas Center). It was after this program that he developed the confidence necessary to take on and complete full-mouth restorations. This has given him the opportunity to create deeper relationships with his patients and truly treat TMJ and other jaw-pain issues.

Dr. Gallagher describes the impact his training at The Stewart Center has had on his practice: “my practice would not be the same and I would not be as productive without this additional training. I’m an insurance free practice and without The Stewart Center’s training I would not be able to do this.”

We are so lucky to have Dr. Gallagher as one of our residents and we can’t wait to watch how many patient lives he will change.