Social media is a powerful and free marketing tool for dental practices, especially when you are practicing dentistry as niche as BioRejuvenation. Today we will be focusing on Facebook. If you do not have a business Facebook page yet, make it a goal to set one up by the end of the week!

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Consider posting blogs, photos, and videos of the products and equipment you use in the office. You can use your doctor or a team member to explain what the product is, why you use it, and highlight your goal to give your patients the best.

Patients like to hear from other patients. Next time you have a teeth whitening, Invisalign etc., patient in your office grab a quick video of them talking about their experience using the product.


Everyone likes to have a little fun. Show your audience the human side of your office. Give a tour of the office, highlight holidays with photos and videos of the decor, if your office partakes in any charity events make sure to highlight that. Does someone in your office know a good dental related joke? Take a quick iPhone video and share. The skies the limit. Get creative! Your patients will love to see this side of your office, and it may put new patients at ease. You’re human. Have fun. You have a sense of humor!


You think your staff is the best. Your patients should too! Consider a monthly employee highlight, post special moments like anniversaries, new babies, etc. If you celebrate birthdays as a team, make sure to take a quick photo at the party.


Your posts do not always have to be office related. If you feel comfortable, let people see what you’re like outside of the office. Post photos of your vacations, your hobbies, and your family. It’s refreshing to patients when they’re reminded that their doctor lives a normal, every day life just like them.


Patients are your biggest marketers. Testimonial videos and before/after photos are always powerful content. Make your patients feel like kings and queens. With their permission, highlight big moments in their lives. You can read our tip on how to get the best photos of your patients here.