In last months Stewart Center Tip we shared with you how to use social media in your practice, specifically Facebook. If you missed it, you can catch up here

Patients are your biggest marketers, and testimonial videos are extremely powerful. The good news is you don’t have to be a professional or have expensive equipment in order to shoot a good testimonial. In fact, all you need is a camera phone.  


  • Filming horizontally looks best 
  • Make sure to shoot in a quiet place
  • Try and keep it between 1-3 minutes 
  • Watch out for anything in the background that may be confidential (i.e files/bins with patient names)
  • Have every patient you film sign a consent form


(These are specific to a BioRejuvenation patient, but can be edited to fit any scenario)

  • What were your symptoms prior to treatment?
  • Did you feel any changes after being seated in the C2O (Condylar Centering Orthotic)
  • How do you feel now after restoration?
  • Is BioRejuvenation something you’d recommend to someone who’d benefit?
Dr. Alan Rosen (Stewart Center Graduate) patient testimonial shot on an iPhone. 

Don’t be intimidated to go live. It’s super easy, and super fun. People know it’s live and don’t expect you to be perfect. In fact, the imperfections will show them you are human. 


  • Tour of the office
  • Interview with the doctor or team member
  • Interview with a patient
  • Showing off a new product


  • While recorded videos are best kept between 1-3 minutes, Facebook lives can go much longer. 
  • You can go live from a computer, but if you are going to be walking around or filming someone else it’s best to do it on your phone or tablet through the Facebook app. 
  • Let followers know ahead of time when you will be going live – at least a few hours in advance. 
  • Let followers know what time you will be going live and what you will be doing. 
  • For Facebook lives, it’s best to film vertically or else watchers will be craning their necks. 
  • After you are done with your live, it will ask you if you want to upload the recording to your feed. This is always a good idea, that way anyone who missed it can still watch. 

STEP BY STEP (for iPhone Facebook app)

  1. Go to your business Facebook page 
  2. Act like you’re going to write a post
  3. Options will come up (Photo/Video, Get Messages, Get Bookings, Feeling/Activity, Check In, Camera, Background Color, Live Video, etc.)
  4. Click Live Video
  5. Write your description (what you are doing)
  6. Click “Start Live Video”
  7. It will count you down from 3 and then YOU ARE LIVE!
  8. Always start with an intro – introduce who you are and what you are doing)
Dr. Stewart talks LIVE about The Stewart Center, BioRejuvenation Dental Medicine, how you can set yourself apart & become insurance free, how you can learn to take on ANY case no matter what, and more.