A Special Letter From Our Founders

We founded The Stewart Center (formerly known as The Texas Center for Occlusal Studies) for the sole purpose of teaching dentists the skill of diagnosing, treatment planning and restoring the chewing system from a stable condylar position. In addition, we wanted to create an environment where the dentist felt supported and confident in executing a full treatment plan.

The Stewart Center dentistry was created as a one-year residency program. Once completed, the doctor will have a firm grasp and understanding of the importance of, and how to achieve stable condylar position. He or she will also possess the knowledge and skills to restore the chewing system for optimal function and maximum esthetics utilizing minimally invasive techniques that preserve the maximum amount of precious tooth structure.

We found that composite resin allows us to effectively and esthetically restore the human dentition at a fee that is much more affordable for the average patient and also healthier.  Our emphasis at The Stewart Center is restoring the chewing system utilizing this amazing and versatile material. We realize that there are cases which require a certain amount of porcelain restorations as well — this is also included in our program.

Finally, in addition to teaching a stable condylar position, how to achieve it and restoring the dentition from that position, we also teach our residents the importance of a patent airway. We bring in airway specialists, surgeons and orthodontists to give our residents a complete understanding of how the inter-arch relationship affects not only the TMJ, the teeth and the muscles but also its effect on the airway.

We invite dentists to our facility where the class size is small and therefore strong relationships are formed between us and our residents. In addition, we place an emphasis on immediate implementation and case study work. This means that when our residents finish the program they have completed one entire case themselves and have observed the completion of a case from each of their peers. This insures that our residents return to their practices confident and ready to help their patients.

We are excited to offer our one year BioRejuvenation Residency program to dentists all over the United States and the world. We hope that you will consider joining us.


Hal Stewart, DDS & Craig Herre, DDS