TMJ Leads Dr. Schluentz To Discover The Missing Piece In Treatment

Suzanne Gibbs came to Dr. Steven Schluentz with daily headaches. She was taking painkillers and her jaw pain was starting to alter her daily life. Dr. Schluentz initially referred Suzanne to a TMJ specialist who made her a bite guard and gave her some in-home exercises to do. However, this treatment plan proved ineffective and soon after Dr. Schluentz began attending the residency program at the Texas Center. Recognizing that Suzanne might be the perfect candidate for an occlusion based restoration he approached her with a treatment plan that would begin by stabilizing her jaw.

Within three days after seating the condylar centering orthotic (C20) she began to feel better. After six months of treatment her headaches and jaw pain were completely gone, her face was relaxed and she was no longer taking daily medication. Dr. Schluentz then restored her occlusion with additive composite resins.  No enamel was removed during restoration.  Suzanne is now seven months past completion of her treatment and she feels great.

Hear what she has to say in her own words: