Success Story:

Dr. John Korolewski Returns a Student Back to Success

Dr. John Korolewski from “Dental Health Coach” met with his patient Kallie who had been experiencing debilitating headaches, which was causing her to miss time at her college classes. She was also experiencing worn teeth and constant clicking in her jaw.

When Kallie was home from college for the summer, Dr. Korolewski and his team did a thorough examination and diagnosis of her entire dentition and chewing system. They began her treatment by stabilizing her condylar position with a Condylar Centering Orthotic. This was followed by a diagnosis of her occlusion at the Stable Condylar Positon, and then doing a minimally invasive BioRejuvenation restoration.

Kallie has been completely headache-free since she began C2O therapy, and remains so after her restoration, which has allowed her to successfully return to her studies.

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