Troll Articulating Foil

Occasionally a new product comes our way that is truly a game changer. For years dentists have struggled with traditional articulating papers. They tended to be thick, smudgy, and often would not mark occlusal contacts accurately. They certainly would fail in wet areas and were never accurate enough for calibrating occlusion to the standards necessary today.trollfoil-web-header4

A perfect articulating paper would allow for use under a wide variety of clinical situations including wet or dry teeth, “gaggers”, limited opening, and metal or non-metallic restorations. Also, it would be desirable to mark both arches at the same time from a single tooth to an entire quadrant, and it should be thin (8 microns).

UntitledWhat if it could mark on highly polished surfaces such as cast gold or BruxZir?  This product does exist and is made by Troll Dental and is called Troll Articulating Foil. It even is mounted in its frame, so there is no need for forceps or clumsy handholding. Troll foil is 8 microns and is perfect for everyday use and the particular demands of occlusion based dentistry.

Try using this foil as a “first layer” and then marking over it with another color. The Troll blue marks are “waxy-sticky” and allow for a very exact spot of contact over it. Try it, and I promise you will replace all your old papers and habits!