Dr. Paul Burns

Dr. Paul Burns has been practicing in O’Fallon, Missouri for the past twenty-seven years. He is the father of six children and a huge history buff. He is excited to see his traditional private practice change as he continues practicing BioRejuvenation Dentistry. He lived most of his years in Lewisville, Texas, only miles away from The Stewart Center. Growing up, one of Dr. Burns’ family friends was a dentist and he would shadow him at his practice. This is what sparked his interest in dentistry. And even today, his desire to learn continues. Dr. Burns began having patients that he could not treat. He saw a pattern of failing systems and knew that something was missing. One day, he stumbled upon a webinar Dr. Hal Stewart was doing for The Stewart Center and immediately got in touch. Now, after the training he received at The Stewart Center, Dr. Burns can help his patients that he could not help before

“The difference here is the support you get. There is always someone you can call, talk to, email, text. You are never left without help when you’re treating your patients.” Dr. Paul Burns

We are proud of the hard work Dr. Burns has put into our program and are excited to see his continuous success.

Susan came to Dr. Paul Burns experiencing years of problems with her bite being uneven, which resulted in frequent chipping/cracking of her teeth, problems with chewing properly, and many teeth being worn down to almost half the size they originally were. She was ready for a solution and Dr. Burns was able to help her, minimally invasively, with BioRejuvenation Dentistry. Susan now has an even, comfortable bite and a beautiful smile!