Up to 15% of Children Have Sleep Apnea, Yet 90% Go Undiagnosed

Stewart Center graduate and newest member of our team, Dr. John Sweeney, shares with us this 2019 article on children and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea and related conditions can cause lasting damage or brain development during crucial years. As a result, children with undiagnosed sleep breathing disorders have been reported to use health care 226% more than the general population. This article covers the seriousness of SBD and what you can do to help this epidemic.

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“As a BioRejuvenation dentist, many of the issues we treat such as TMJ pain and tooth wear are directly related to a poor airway and sleep-disordered breathing. If we can begin to catch these airway issues in young children and treat it early, we can prevent many future adults from chronically suffering from TMD, tooth wear, and other related conditions.” -Dr. John Sweeney