Photography is an important part of any dental practice, especially for BioRejuvenation. One of the biggest photography mistakes we see in the doctors that first come through our residency is not having the right aperture setting. If you are using an SLR camera, you can set the shutter speed and aperture. 

Set the camera to AV mode, or Aperture Priority mode, (some cameras just say A). What this does is allow you to set the aperture (the size of the hole the light goes through when the shutter opens) then the camera adjusts the shutter speed automatically. 

Retracted View Shots

If you want everything to be in focus from the central incisors all the way to the back molars you need a higher aperture number, which equals a smaller aperture (or smaller hole). The camera will then adjust the shutter speed accordingly to allow enough light to go through and give you a bigger field of focus. In general an aperture number of 16-22 will be good for these shots.

Portrait Shots

If you are taking a full face shot further back from the patient you need a smaller aperture number, which equals a larger aperture (or larger hole). This will allow more light in at a quicker shutter speed, giving you less of a focal distance. In general an aperture of 5 is good for these shots.