Industry Article: The Clinical Approach to the Patient with a Sleep Complaint

Industry Article by

Dr. Jerald H. Simmons

Approximately one-third of the population suffers from some type of sleep problem, and unfortunately, most physicians have not been trained to deal with these common problems. A 1990 study showed that an average of two hours is spent during the four years of medical school teaching students anything about sleep. This has created a significant deficit in the current medical system. Physicians, dentists, and orthodontists are all in great positions to help patients suffering from sleep disorders.

This article, written by Dr. Jerald H. Simmons, who will be speaking at our upcoming Sleep & Airway Collaboration, covers factors that can affect the sleeping process, questions to ask your patients, ways you can help your patients, complications in patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, different treatment options, and things you can do to increase your sleep drive.

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