Dr. Babcock Solves Chronic Pain & Makes Music

Dr. Babcock started our residency program in January 2016.  She is halfway through our program and is already seeing amazing results with her patients. She shared with us her latest success.

“Aimee is a lovely 16 year old girl who plays cello. She came to me with pain in her neck that spread all the way down to her finger tips. In addition she suffered from chronic headaches. She and her parents had spent years in the medical community searching for answers. They had run dozens and dozens of tests over the years with no success. She came in for her regular hygienist appointment when I sleuthed out an occlusal problem. At first her parents were skeptical but I took the time to explain the biology and mechanics of the jaw muscles and they quickly came on board with my treatment plan.  Two weeks into treatment and her headaches were gone! Her pain gone and she was able to play the cello pain free for the first time in years! How cool is that?”

We think that is “very cool”.  We love hearing patient success stories from our residents. We know the techniques we are teaching are life-changing but it is exciting when you can see that impact in such a short period of time.