Resident Spotlight: Dr. Tim Herre

Dr. Tim Herre grew up in Leawood, Kansas and around his family’s dental practice, Dental Health by Herre, that has existed for over 60 years. Inspired early on by his grandfather and father to pursue the craftsmanship of dentistry, he graduated from Loyola University and joined the family practice. Passionate about total body health, and fitness, Dr. Herre was instantly drawn to the philosophy of treating the whole patient and not just the mouth.

Dr Tim HerreThis desire to treat the whole health of his patients led him to follow his father, Dr. Craig Herre, to The Stewart Center (formerly known as the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies).  His introduction to BioRejuvenation Dentistry was eye-opening and one that has changed his perception of patient treatment forever,

“Once your eyes are open to that level of dentistry that’s all you see, focus on and strive for.  Instead of looking at dentistry as a profession that treats the mouth as a commodity or just another body part to fix, now we have a tool with BioRejuvenation Dentistry to change lives and restore our patients back to healthy, happy people. We have the power to allow people to become the best versions of themselves and that is powerful.”

Dr. Herre continues to make a meaningful impact on his patient’s lives as he builds long-term relationships and extends the dental legacy that his grandfather started so many years ago.