Industry Article: Sleep Problems as Predictors in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

There have been many reports regarding ‘sleep phenotypes’ of ADHD such as sleep deprivation, SDB, and circadian rhythms disturbances, that suggest the possibility of identifying predictors of ADHD.

This article by Yoo Hyun Um, Seung-Chul Hong, and Jong-HyunJeong, covers the long-term consequences of sleep problems in individuals with ADHD including, obesity, poor academic performance, and disrupted parent-child interactions. However, early intervention has been proposed as an approach to preventing these debilitating outcomes, with treatments ranging from melatonin, light therapy, myofunctional therapy, to adjustments of the time point at which school starts.

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At the Texas Center, we understand that sleep-disordered breathing conditions such as OSA, upper airway resistance, and snoring are serious medical problems, with side effects including but not limited to ADHD, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. That is why we have brought Dr. Mary Burns, Board-Certified Orthodontist and Airway Expert, on-board as an official instructor, and have added 16 hours of CE credit focusing on airway management.

Through the instruction and guidance of Dr. Burns, our residents will learn the philosophy of the airway, comorbidities of sleep-disordered breathing, how to read a polysomnogram, how vertical dimension of occlusion effects the airway, how to read a CBCT for both airway, TMJ and other issues, and much more.

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We also will be hosting our Inagural Sleep & Airway Collaboration on December 7-8th where we will have Dr. Hal Stewart, Dr. Jerald Simmons, Dr. Ron Mitchell, Dr. Mary Burns, and Sal Rodas speaking on…

  • How to incorporate sleep disorder, breathing, and airway management into comprehensive care
  • Understanding the importance of stable condylar position and stable anterior proprioceptive occlusion as it relates to healthy airway
  • OSA treatment approaches
  • Collaborative approaches with physicians for dental sleep medicine providers
  • And much more