Minimally Invasive BioRejuvenation Full Mouth Restoration Course


Condylar Stabilization & Diagnosis


The foundation of BioRejuvenation Dentistry is treating the occlusion as part of a system and not just teeth alone. A stable condylar position is the foundation to making an accurate diagnosis and then treatment planning the full mouth restorative case.

In this course, the doctors are taught how to complete a comprehensive examination and take all the necessary records to aid in diagnosing and treatment planning. The primary focus of this course is TMJ diagnosis and condylar stability. The doctors will leave with a complete understanding of systems based dentistry and they will be taught how to treat TMJ and myofacial pain by stabilizing the condyles.

  • The 4 keys to occlusion
  • Systems – based dentistry
  • Comprehensive examination and record taking (hands on)
  • Essential dental photographs necessary for aiding in diagnosing
  • Identifying and diagnosing TMJ pathology
  • How to predictably stabilize the mandible while relieving facial and TMJ pain with the Condylar Centering Orthotic (hands on)
  • Introduction to CBCT interpretation 
  • Introduction to airway


Full Mouth Composite Restoration (Hands-On In Vitro Case)


Once condylar stability is achieved and a final diagnosis is made, a predictable restorative treatment plan can be devised and then implemented. This provides the patient with a stable, comfortable, functioning occlusion. It also provides optimal smile and facial esthetics.

This course is focused on diagnosing, treatment planning and restoration of the occlusion utilizing minimally invasive composite restorative techniques. Each doctor will restore a full mouth case in vitro under the guidance of the Stewart Center instructors.

  • Verifying stable condylar position
  • Determining the correct vertical dimension of occlusion
  • Importance of systems-based dentistry
  • Introduction to biologic tooth morphology
  • Part 2 – Reading the CBCT images
  • Additive and subtractive minimally invasive restorative techniques (hands on training utilizing in vitro ‘virtual patient’)
  • Review of composites, adhesives, application, adjusting, polishing


BioRejuvenation Mini-Residency and Mentorship Program


This advanced course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to diagnose and  predictably treat moderate to advanced full mouth rehabilitation cases utilizing minimally  invasive dentistry and expansive airway friendly clear aligner techniques. This course will also  expand your knowledge of the airway and its impact on occlusion and vice versa. 

Doctors Hal Stewart, Craig Herre, and Adriana Corredor (a combined 50 plus years of  BioRejuvenation experience) will teach occlusal restoration utilizing their proven and  predictable additive composite restoration techniques. Dr. Stewart will also teach how to integrate clear aligner expansive therapy to improve airway and inter-arch relationship prior to  restoration. Dr. Herre will teach the utilization of porcelain restorations combined with  composite restorations for predictable, functional and esthetic results. Doctors Corredor and  Stewart will teach more in-depth utilization of CBCT in diagnosing and treatment planning. 

Mentorship: Each student will be assigned a mentor with vast BioRejuvenation experience to  help guide them through their journey of restoring a patient.

You will learn
  • To teach you the four types of occlusal/TMJ cases and how to diagnose and treat each  one 
  • To give you a better understanding airway-centered occlusion 
  • To help you determine how to best utilize CBCT in your diagnosing and treatment  planning 
  • To teach you how to integrate clear aligner therapy as an adjunct to BioRejuvenation  dentistry 
  • To provide you with the skills and techniques to predictably restore anterior and posterior teeth in composite
  • To help each doctor learn from their case as well as the cases of the other doctors in the  class


BioRejuvenation Full Mouth Restoration Courses

Level I: $8,500

(22 CE credits)

Level II: $12,500

(32 CE credits)

Level III: $12,500



Level I:

2023 TBA

Level II:

2023 TBA

Level III:

Session 1: April 22, 2022 (Virtual)

Session 2: June 3-4, 2022 (The Stewart Center)

Session 3: September 23-24, 2022 (The Stewart Center)


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