Success Story: Dr. Tim Herre

Lasting Pain Relief for a New Bride

When Alyssa came to visit Dr. Tim Herre at his practice, Dental Health by Herre, she was experiencing severe jaw pain that limited her ability to open wide or even chew. Thankfully the problem was a recent development and the impact on her quality of life was new.

Dr. Herre started with C2O splint therapy to alleviate her pain, align her upper and lower jaw in its most stable, biological position, and then diagnosed the underlying cause of her pain/bite issues.  Alyssa quickly responded to treatment and started noticing that within a few weeks she was pain-free.

Once pain-free and healthy, Dr. Herre identified where her teeth should fit together while her jaws were in a stable condylar position.  Then, through the principles of BioRejuvenation Dentistry he fixed her bite with conservative composite bonding that created even, stable contacts between her upper and lower teeth.  This bonding allowed her teeth to act as her splint going forward working to keep her jaws in a healthy and stable position.

Since treatment, Alyssa has gotten married.  She said her smile and wedding pictures were beyond what she could have imagined in part due to the biorejuvenation dentistry that Dr. Herre provided.

Dr. Tim Herre Success Story