Success Story: Dr. John Korolewski

Matt’s Dental Health Is Now Set For The Rest Of His Life

Matt was unaware that at an early age (28) he had moderate tooth wear and was on a path to have significant dental problems in the future. He had no TMJ or muscle pain, and did not have a sleep breathing disorder. But once he saw what healthy teeth should look like at his age, he was motivated to address the cause of his problem through BioRejuvenation Dentistry.

After a short period of joint stabilization with Dr. John Korolewski, Matt went through 18 months of orthodontics, followed by another short period of joint stabilization and minimally invasive BioRejuvenation Dentistry.

Matt now feels much better about his dental future. As an accountant, he appreciates the value of restoring his mouth at such a young age, rather than needing much more significant and costly treatment later in life. He believes his dental health is now set up for the rest of his life.