Resident Spotlight: Dr. Mary Isaacs

In 1992 Dr. Mary Isaacs founded her dental practice in Winter Springs, Florida. Since then she has continued her passion for dental knowledge and treating her patients to the best of her ability.

Her mentor, Dr. Michael Shuster, encouraged Dr. Isaacs to attend the The Stewart Center (formally known as the Texas Center for Occlusal Studies) and she joined our residency program in 2014. Dr. Isaacs explains her choice, “I examined OBI but even with my own family I couldn’t see restoring somebody’s mouth in full porcelains. I was looking for a minimally invasive technique to solve jaw pain problems, and save the teeth. The Texas Center provided that solution with rejuvenation dentistry.”

Since graduating from our residency program in early 2016, Dr. Isaacs has seen the powerful impact these techniques have made on her patients. “We had a 26-year-old woman come to our practice with chronic jaw, facial and neck pain. She had an old night guard and was still having a lot of clicking in her jaw. She had excellent virgin teeth and I could not imagine grinding those teeth down and doing crowns. Instead, I switched her to a C2O guard and quickly her pain started to go away. Now we’re about to do a wax-up and she’s pain free. The cost was manageable and we’ve changed her life.”

Dr. Isaacs explains how her dental practice has always been focused on treating total body health and that the techniques she learned at the Texas Center have been an extension of that philosophy, “My staff really sees how this new process is about treating patients as a whole and it allows patients to keep their own teeth, which is always for the best.”

Dr. Isaacs feels passionate about treating and caring for her patients and it shows in her work ethic and attitude, “It has been a gift to my staff and patients that I completed this training and education. I believe God gave me certain gifts and I should use them to the best of my abilities to treat my patients, and helping them to be pain free and restoring their health to be in alignment with what God gave them is a big part of sharing that gift.”

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