Success Story: Dr. Hal Stewart

After breast cancer put a hold on treatment, Lynn came back two years later and is now living a comfortable and pain-free life.

Lynn suffered from head, jaw, and neck pain. She initially thought she would seek out a balanced night guard. “I thought that was the direction I was going to go,” says Lynn. “Until I learned enough to recognize that what I needed was to get everything lined up so that I could enjoy eating again, enjoy speaking again, and enjoy having a comfort I no longer had.”

After moving from Houston, Lynn began treatment with Dr. Hal Stewart, The Stewart Center CEO. However, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and everything stopped. “But here I am two years later,” says Lynn. After chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, Lynn called Dr. Stewart and said she was ready to begin treatment again.

Lynn is now pain-free, comfortable, and has a beautiful new smile.