Resident Spotlight: Dr. John Korolewski

Dr. John Korowelski, or “The Dental Coach”, has spent the past seventeen years transitioning his practice from high-volume, insurance practice to an insurance-free, relationship rich practice. A native of Wisconsin, he views himself as a “health coach” helping patients to set and achieve their whole health goals.

Dr-John-KorolewskiAfter running a high-volume practice for years, Dr. Korowelski was longing for the strong patient relationships that he had witnessed at his grandfather’s dental practice years ago. After attending the Texas Center, he reassessed the way his practice was running and began to implement the non-invasive, BioRejuvenation techniques he acquired. This has allowed him to spend 4-6 months developing strong relationships with patients as his team restores mouths, and they achieve the health goals of their patients.

Recently, a husband of a patient asked to come and see Dr. Korowelski. Dr. Korowelski was concerned that the husband was coming to complain or express concern over the treatment his wife was receiving. Instead, the husband had made a point of visiting to tell Dr. Korowelski that his wife felt amazing, looked terrific and her health had improved. He was so grateful for the treatment that Dr. Korowelski and his team had provided that he wanted to personally thank him.

For seven years now Dr. Korowelski has seen the powerful results of BioRejuvenation dentistry. He and his team are dedicated to continuing to build on these rich relationships and to continue to help patients achieve their health goals.