Success Story: Jessica is confident that The Stewart Center’s conservative approach has remedied all her problems.

“I love the aesthetics of my front teeth for the first time in my life! I am confident that this conservative approach has remedied my problems without extensive removal of natural tooth structure. I could not be happier with the outcome.”
 Jessica, an endodontist, had a very difficult time admitting that she had a dental problem. She went through orthodontic treatment three times as an adult and wore a night guard, however she was still having headaches and jaw pain on a regular basis. After fracturing a molar, which required a root canal and crown, she decided to consider other options.
Dr. Steven Schluentz gave Jessica and her staff a presentation about a more holistic approach, which intrigued her. “I am always skeptical and try to be as conservative with my own dentition as I am with that of my patients,” says Jessica. But Dr. Schluentz went on to explain to her that she would continue to destroy her teeth by clenching and grinding if she ignored the issue.
Jessica decided to proceed with Dr. Schluentz’s treatment and her headaches and jaw pain are now nonexistent!
“I see the same issues in my patient’s day after day. I know that many of them would benefit from this approach. I encourage you to consider this option. It is truly an investment in the health, function, and aesthetics of your mouth.”