Dr. Jay Levy: Occlusion 101 Seminar April 18-19, 2018

This past weekend Dr. Stewart attended an occlusion seminar by Dr. Jay Levy in Portland, OR. “This was an incredibly interesting and informative seminar,” says Dr. Stewart. “Dr. Levy’s Occlusion 101 course takes the science of dental occlusion way beyond teeth. He looks and dissects the neuromuscular response of occlusion at the cellular level, creating a much better biologic understanding of how our stomatognathic system really works.” Dr. Stewart is eager to share what he learned from Dr. Levy with the current, and future, Texas Center residents.

“You have to address the whole system if the goal is to achieve optimal health,” says Dr. Jay Levy.

This quote has been the standard ever since The Stewart Center started. “We look at how all the parts fit together to create optimal health through a healthy, stable occlusion, a proper airway, proper joints, etc.,” says Dr. Stewart.