How Many Dentists Are Needed in 2040?

Co-Founder and Clinical Instructor, Dr. Craig Herre, shares with us this industry article on the projected number of dentists needed in 2040.

This 2017 article examines some of the factors likely to impact the number of dentists needed in 2040 – the oral health of the population, changes in the utilization of dental services, new technologies, the growth of large capital dental group practices, and the demand for dental care.

Based on ADA estimates, there will be about 240,000 dentists in 2040 if current trends continue, with an estimated surplus of dentists varying from 32% to 110%.

At The Stewart Center we teach dentists how to set themselves apart. 

We teach the importance of, and how to achieve, stable condylar position, and how to restore the chewing system for optimal function and maximum esthetics utilizing minimally invasive techniques that preserve the maximum amount of precious tooth structure. We also brought on airway expert, Dr. Mary Burns, to teach an airway component as obstructive sleep apnea has been deemed by the Centers for Disease Control as an epidemic in the U.S.

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