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At The Stewart Center, we believe that dentistry is about more than just teeth; it’s about restoring the lives of our patients. That’s why, for over 20 years, our CEO, Hal Stewart has been teaching dentists all over the world his philosophical dental approach known as BioRejuvenation Minimally Invasive Dental Medicine. Working alongside some of the most esteemed doctors in the industry, the mission of The Stewart Center is to equip and train dentists not only to treat symptoms but to identify the underlying cause of them internally and rejuvenate the patient’s health as a whole, eliminating both the symptoms and the problem. This approach of treatment from the inside-out is the basis of BioRejuvenation Dental Medicine, a truly unique and sound way to treat patients.


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This cutting edge course will teach the science, principles, and basic techniques of BioRejuvenation (BR) Dental Medicine. Understanding the importance of mastering these principles and techniques will start dentists on a path of restoring health and stability to diseased chewing systems through minimally invasive therapies leading to wellness for their patients.

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With our unique residency program, you will learn a complete system to transform even the most severely compromised dentition to optimal, pain-free function and exquisite aesthetics. Using state-of-the-art, minimally invasive techniques, our systems will teach you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to transform your patients’ lives and create a unique practice.

When attending our residency, you will learn the philosophy, the science and the techniques that will allow you to become a BioRejuvenation Dental Medicine specialist, truly setting yourself apart as a qualified physician of the mouth and airway.

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We believe that a well-trained team is key to a thriving BioRejuvenation Dental practice. The Team Training course provides team members with a basic and clear understanding of biologic dental occlusion and how it relates to the airway.

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Dr. Stewart and his team of esteemed doctors are always creating new learning opportunities for their students. Stay up to date on all events and speaking engagements so you can take your education to the next level.




Historically, dental care has only focused on managing the symptoms of dental disease. BioRejuvenation Dental Medicine is a different approach that transforms dental care altogether. Using sound, thorough diagnostic techniques and minimally invasive dentistry, BioRejuvenation is a comprehensive, holistic, and biologic process where the condyles are stabilized, the stomatognathic muscles are relaxed and the teeth are precisely restored to ideal form and function. The Stewart Center is dedicated to developing doctors to become true physicians of the mouth.