A Foundation Course in BioRejuvenation Dental Medicine


NOVEMBER 20-21, 2020

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The future of dentistry is changing from break and fix dentistry to whole mouth whole person care. Until recently the only alternative has been invasive, expensive and often unpredictable full mouth crown and bridge reconstruction.
This cutting edge course will teach the science, principles, and basic techniques of BioRejuvenation (BR) Dental Medicine. Understanding the importance of mastering these principles and techniques will start dentists on a path of restoring health and stability to diseased chewing systems through minimally invasive therapies leading to wellness for their patients.


Friday, November 20, 2020
9:00AM-4:00PM CST
Presenters: Dr. Craig Herre & Dr. Hal Stewart

  • How Would You treat this case?
  • Why BioRejuvenation Dentistry?
  • Understanding the Four Keyes to a Healthy Chewing System
  • Understanding the Breakdown of the Chewing System
  • Understanding Sleep Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • History and Examination of the Chewing System and Airway
  • Diagnostic Records for the Chewing System and Airway
  • Condylar Centering Orthotic Therapy
  • Why train at the Stewart Center?

Saturday, November 21, 2020
9:00AM-4:00PM CST
Presenters: Dr. Craig Herre & Dr. Hal Stewart

  • Criteria for Case Selections
  • What is CR?
  • Diagnosis of Dental Occlusion at Stable Condylar Position (SCP)
  • Treatment Planning for Occlusal Stabilization
  • Development of the Biology Wax-Up at Stable Condylar Position (SCP)
  • Delivery of BioRejuvenation Minimally Invasive Restorations
  • The Stewart Center BioRejuvenation Dental Medicine Program

Dr. Hal Stewart

As a biologic and systems-focused dentist, Dr. Stewart believes that the goal of treatment should be to maintain a healthy, optimally functioning chewing system that is supported by, and in turn supports, a healthy airway. He believes that a healthy airway, and a healthy mouth with stable joints and harmonious occlusion, are imperative to one’s overall health.

Dr. Stewart lectures extensively worldwide and has a passion for teaching other dentists and helping equip them to optimally serve their patients. He has written many articles over the years for publication in professional journals and is a frequent lecturer on the topics of BioRejuvenation and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Practice Management, Laser Dentistry, and Case Presentation.

Dr. Craig Herre

Dr. Craig Herre has been a leader in dentistry for more than three decades. He provides comprehensive, individualized care focusing on occlusion based dentistry, diseases of the temporomandibular joint, and management of airway disorders. He is the middle dentist of a three-generation practice and currently enjoys working with his son Dr. Tim Herre. 

As a Top Dentist in his community, Dr. Herre has extensive training in advanced methodologies for the treatment of the whole patient. Rather than just focusing on tooth problems, he recognizes that the teeth are a part of an elaborate system.

14 CE Hours

$975 Registration

  • Four Keys to a Healthy Chewing System
  • Breakdown of the Chewing System
  • Condylar Centering Orthotic Therapy (C2O)
  • Stable Condylar Position
  • BR Minimally Invasive Restorations
  • Sleep Physiology and Pathophysiology
  • Chewing System and Airway
  • Creating an Insurance Free Practice


November 20-21, 2020


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