Success Story: Dr. Stewart Relieves His Hygienist From Headaches And TMJ Pain.

“I am a dental hygienist by profession and this has given me such an insight into what my patients are going through when they have bite and TMJ problems.”

Sheri has worked as Dr. Hal Stewart’s hygienist for years. Before treatment, Sheri suffered from tooth wear, facial muscle tension, headaches, and TMJ pain. This caused decreased energy, discomfort, and poor sleep. Her treatment was very minimally invasive. Dr. Stewart stabilized her TMJ using the Condylar Centering Orthotic physical therapy, then a short period of Invisalign, and then restored the proper shape to the worn teeth with non-invasive composite resin. He did not have to grind down one tooth! Now Sheri has a beautiful smile, but more importantly, her bite is comfortable and she no longer had headaches, muscle pain, or TMJ pain.

“This dentistry has forever changed my life! My bite feels so comfortable and I no longer get headahces. And I absolutely love my smile.”