The Stewart Center Dental Residency Program

Advanced Dental Continuing Education

The Stewart Center offers dental continuing education courses focusing on a philosophical approach to full-mouth dentistry known as BioRejuvenation Minimally Invasive Dental Medicine. Working alongside some of the most esteemed doctors in the industry, the mission of The Stewart Center’s dental residency program is to equip and train dentists- not only to treat symptoms but to identify the underlying cause and rejuvenate the patient’s health as a whole.

“My only regret is that I wish I wish I attended The Stewart Center when I first heard about it.”

– Dr. Drew Randall

How It Works

Our Residency Program is divided into 6 sessions spread out over the course of a year. During your time at the residency, we will teach a total health system, equipping you with the technical and communication skills necessary to successfully diagnose and restore any case. You will learn a step-by-step process to successfully diagnose and treat even the most severe cases, utilizing the philosophy and science behind minimally invasive BioRejuvenation Dental Medicine. In all of this, you will also learn how to set your practice apart from the other dentists in your area.

Our Continuing  Education Residency Course Description Includes:

  • The Four Keys to Optimal Occlusion
  • Diagnosing and Treating TMD
  • Achieving Stable Condylar Position and Muscle Harmony
  • Minimally Invasive Full Mouth Restorative Techniques
  • Stabilizing the Dentoalveolar Complex to Support a Healthy Airway
  • CBCT Analysis and Diagnosis



Reasons To Join Our BioRejuvenation Residency

  • Learn the philosophy, the science, and the techniques that will allow you to become a BioRejuvenation Dental Medicine specialist

  • Set yourself apart as a qualified physician of the mouth and airway

  • Use state-of-the-art, minimally invasive techniques
  • Our dental CE courses will teach you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to transform your patients’ lives
  • Create a unique practice


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