Resident Spotlight: Dr. Cristin McPherson-Lewis Finds Community at Home and in Texas

Dr. Cristin McPherson-Lewis had little choice but to be a dentist, with her father and brother also in dentistry it was the “family” business. Although the ability to help people has always been Dr. McPherson-Lewis’ main attraction to dentistry it was also the art and creative side of dentistry that really appealed to her.

ASH_7730A native of Nashville, Tennessee she has now been running her own practice, Bite Dentistry, since 1996. She and her family love being part of the friendly and creative community of Nashville and has been honored to be the team dentist for the Nashville Predator hockey team.

After completing training with other groups Dr. McPherson-Lewis still felt like she was missing something in her education. She knew there was a connection between jaw stabilization and treatment that she just wasn’t getting. Dr. Lewis joined The Stewart Center (formerly known as Texas Center) in 2015 and immediately felt a difference. “I wasn’t intimidated by the teachers and instantly felt comfortable to ask questions. You knew that these were going to be people who would be with you for the rest of your life.” After the very first weekend of Biorejuvenation training she was able to go back and put her new skills into action with her patients. Since then she has continued to find support and community with the faculty and fellow residents of The Stewart Center.

Now back in Tennessee Dr. McPherson-Lewis is seeing fantastic results applying BioRejuvenation Dentistry techniques with her patients and enjoying the ability to solve patient pain and not just treat it.

Listen to Dr. McPherson-Lewis’ talk more about her experience at The Stewart Center