Dr. Mary Burns with Drs. Craig & Tim Herre in Kansas City

On October 4, 2018 our Core Faculty member, Dr. Mary Burns, spent the evening lecturing on airway management and sleep-disordered breathing with Dr. Craig Herre (co-founder) and Dr. Tim Herre  (Stewart Center graduate), in Kansas City.

Dr. Mary Burns is a certified orthodontist and airway expert. When it comes to CBCT interpretation, the understanding of the airway, its importance in dentistry, and how we can manage airway issues with BioRejuvenation Minimally Invasive Dentistry, she is a wealth of knowledge.

“Having my mentor, Dr. Mary Burns come to Kansas City to share her knowledge with the local dental community was amazing. We had a packed room with lots of questions and participation. Airway and breathing, as it impacts our overall health, is such a captivating subject, and nobody understands it better than Dr. Burns. Colleagues are now reaching out to my office as the airway expert in town!”  Dr. Tim Herre